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Recently the tendency of going out and practice jogging/running and to race the different competitions that are organized along the year in Bogotá have been increasing in a very impressive way. If you ever had the opportunity to go outside, about 5 in the morning around the Bogota streets you can figured out the high volume of runner training all around the city preparing for their next races.

We’re going to share some of the most common places to run so you will have a guide for whenever you want to begin running and also for those national and international visitors (that’s why we wrote in English at this time) who can’t skip their trainings during their leisure or business trips to Bogotá.

  1. The Virrey Park:

The Virrey Park is one of the places where we the runners used to go the most, due to the wide trails it offers and also their very big and well maintain green areas that allow the practice of any type of sportive activity from running to yoga or boxing.

The Virrey Park, Bogotá

The whole circuit around the park is approximately 4 km (2.5 mi), this park is made-up of three segments each one divided by two roads (avenue 11 and avenue 15) these ones have moderate traffic that make us keep cautious during the whole ride.

The Virrey Park, Bogotá

The Virrey Park, Bogotá

Heading west (between avenue 9 and the “autopista”, the way we recognize the main highway of Bogota) the track have a negative slope and heading east the opposite, making this positive slope very slight and almost imperceptible (false plane), the highest positive slope of the circuit will be east bound between avenue 11 and avenue 9, this segment of the circuit and it slope will be a perfect place to train climb techniques.

For safety, we recommend visiting this park in prudent and busy hours (no earlier than 5 a.m. neither later than 9 pm), this because due to its vegetation the circuit will get very dark in some places and will be the perfect stage for thieves. If you’re planning to go at dark and night times is better for you to use only the stretch that is most to the west (between “la autopista” and avenue 15), this one is 1.2 km (0,75 mi) long, no slope. We recommend this segment because is the most visited, more illuminated and have a police station, making the runners feel safer.

The Virrey Park is surrounded by many coffee shops and restaurants that will be perfect to visit after a very nice run, to have breakfast or for a simply to have a snack. Just to clarify the whole circuit is very well paved and full of transit signals not only for pedestrians but also for bikes and cars.

  1. Simón Bolívar Park:

Parque Simón Bolivar Fuente: Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte www.idrd.gov.co

Parque Simón Bolivar
Source: Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte

This is the main and biggest park in the city. It offers any kind of facilities to practice most of the sports.

For run you will find a huge variety of trails that helps you train in different terrains as climbs, cross country, grass and paved. It’s an excellent option to visit this park, since there’s always people training and you will also be protected by the police that will always be present. If you don’t now this park is recommended not to go by yourself, due to its size will be very easy to get lost.

  1. Avenue 19:

The avenue 19 between 98 and 163 streets have a very well protected, illuminated, paved and signalized bikeway, that out of the rush hours (7:30 am to 8:30 am / 5:30 pm 7:00 pm) is the perfect stage to practice running, it is totally plane and have a length of almost 7 km (4.5 mi). The avenue 19 that goes parallel to the bikeway is a heavy traffic road and sometime in some parts could be very noisy and polluted due to the cars and buses, but nothing to worry about it.

Avenue 19 Bikeway, Bogota

Avenue 19 Bikeway, Bogotá

For your comfort we recommend you to use this bikeway on non-rush hours, the ones we showed you earlier. This recommendation is due to safety also, since you will also find a lot of bikes using this bikeway and they could interfere on your training and also can cause and accident. One truthfully thing about this running scenario is that you will find a lot of lights because this avenue along their 7 km (4.5 mi) crosses many streets.

During the whole ride you will find many but many restaurants, supermarkets and any kind of commerce you could need during your run, since the avenue 19 is very commercial street.

  1. Sundays and holydays bikeway:

Every Sunday and holiday from 7 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon in Bogota the bikeway network comes into operation, this bikeway is very extensive along the whole city, covering almost 121 km.

No matter in which part of the city you are located at for sure you will find one of this bikeways near your place, so don’t doubt to use them, even more if in your running plan you have scheduled a long distance training, you will cross not only plane terrains, as more you go to the east of the city (near the mountains) you will find more adverse climb terrains.

The locals every time uses more often this bikeways, not only for run also for bike and walk by their self or with their children and pets, you will see the huge amount of people that goes outside and use this extensive bikeway network. Additionally to all those things you will also find bikeway in charged persons that control the traffic to protect people from cars when they intercept along the street, there also will be hydration and feeding points but just to clarify their not for free.

For deeply information visit:

Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte

  1. Polo Field (Country Club):

If you like grass running, this will be the best option. This is actually a park, but few years ago was used as the Polo Field of the country Club, the whole distance around the park have a length of 1 km (0.65 mi), all in very well trimmed grass and no slope.

Country Park (Old Polo Field of the Country Club), Bogotá

Country Park (Old Polo Field of the Country Club), Bogotá

This park is open from 6 am to 6 pm and opens full time security, bathrooms, it don’t have parking slots so it’s better to come by feet. This park is frequently used to teach prepaid classes of any kind of activities as yoga, running, TRX, soccer and many others.

This is a very excellent option when you have track, short distance or speed sessions in your training.

Those were ones of the many places around the different sector of the city that we recommend you to visit and also to have into account for your next training and they also help you to discover that Bogota is a city that offers you a very wide amount of alternatives when we talk about running, without forgetting that you will be training 2,600 m (8,400 ft.) near the stars.

Don’t forget that if you know any other excellent place to run, share it with us so we will improve and increase our tips for new runners and visitors.



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